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*LLxGI presets are designed to be used in Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC using your computer or the Lightroom mobile app on your phone. The desktop presets are intended to be used on RAW images, the presets will still work on JPEG images but may require additional tweaking. The images on this page were edited with the presets in this pack. Presets work differently on every image depending on the exposure, lighting, colors in the image, etc., so you may choose to adjust the preset settings for best results.*

*Moving Forward: After you have purchased your presets, a link will be sent to you using the email you paid with!*

*Unauthorized distribution of the LLxGI presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.*
  (Thank you in advance for respecting this!)

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You know the feeling of waking up from a dream where everything was blissful and magical? Then you slowly come to and you're snuggled in your warm, cozy bed. Next thing you do is walk out to your kitchen to make some of your favorite coffee. The sun is that perfect golden tone and everything just feels right. THAT is the feeling that inspired this preset collection and that is what we hope you experience every time you look at your beautiful LLxGI DREAM COLLECTION photos. Happy editing! 

LLxGI Dream Collection Presets

This preset package includes:
-.DNG presets for Adobe Lightroom Mobile app (Lightroom subscription NOT needed)
-.XMP presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic and CC (Lightroom subscription needed for computer use)
- Simple "how to" instructions to load the presets into Lightroom Mobile from your phone

Lauren + Jen

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