For my first pack of custom presets, I wanted to include presets that can be used for the things I mainly shoot. I shoot primarily portraits, look books, product content, lifestyle images for brands, and families/engagements/weddings. What I found myself doing was using presets from all over the place depending on the type of images I was shooting and wanted to create a one-stop-shop that would cover ALL of my needs. Included in this set are 6 portrait presets and 3 product/interiors but all presets can be used on any type of image.

portrait preset #1
portrait preset #2
portrait preset #3
portrait preset #4
b/w portrait preset #1
b/w portrait preset #2

content preset#1
content preset #2
b/w content preset

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GRIFFITH IMAGING PRESETS are designed to be used in Lightroom using your computer, not to be confused with "filters" that can be used in an app on your phone. These presets are intended to be used on RAW images in the Lightroom desktop program on your computer. The presets will still work on JPEG images but may require more tweaking. The images above were all edited with one of the presets in this pack. Presets work differently on every image depending on the exposure, lighting, colors in the image, etc., so you will most likely want to tweak the presets a bit to fit your style.  My how-to videos are coming soon!

Moving Forward: After you have purchased your presets, a link will be sent to you using the email you paid with! 

Unauthorized distribution of the GRIFFITH IMAGING PRESETS are prohibited and will be met with legal action.
  (Thank you in advance for respecting this!)

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